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One of the best and most fun parts of being a fan is getting dressed for the game! Do you remember getting ready for prom? It’s that type of excitement and thought that goes into it. I remember taking my mom to her first football game. I took her to the 49er store at Levi Stadium. She was shocked at not only the amount of 49er apparel options but how crowded the store was. She had no idea the thought and preparation that thousands of us go through when going to a game. We had so much fun getting her “Game Ready!”

I can’t speak for everyone else but here are my dos and don'ts to help you along when it comes to “representing.”

  1. HIGH HEELS: Unless you are a NFL WIFE/GF or a VIP, NO High Heels at a game. Be HOT in a pair of cool ass Sneakers or sandals. Something low to the ground. If you walk into a game with high heels, it’s the first sign you’re a rookie, most likely not a fan and just need attention! Yeah, I said it. Sue me.

  1. Comfortable: Be Comfortable. You’re talking about 5-6 hours easy altogether between leaving your home and getting back. This accounts for travel time, tailgating and the 3-hour game. So it’s best to be comfortable.

  1. Hair and Makeup: If you normally do your hair and makeup, do it up, girl!! There’s over 60,000 people in the stadium who you’ve never met before. Way more than at your best friend’s wedding and you can ditch “swiping” for a day! If you’re single, you could meet your person tailgating, walking in, waiting for your beer, hot dog or the restroom! So, be your best.

  1. Jeans: Depending on what part of the country you’re from your attire can differ. I can’t give you advice on weather but I will say this, wearing your favorite pair of jeans … you could never go wrong!

  1. Hoops: You can never go wrong with a good pair of hoops to wear with your baseball style hat or beanie! Just sayin! That’s always hot!

  1. Fan Gear: Ok, so let’s say you’ve picked out your fav jeans or shorts, now what? Well, you have options! You have, tank tops, v necks, sweatshirts, jerseys, jackets, hats and beanies to choose from! Where do you start? I usually pick my favorite item at that time whether it’s the Shirt/Jersey or a hat. Once I decided that, I start building around that specific shirt/hat. This is where the planning comes in. What to wear that compliments that choice! See below on how to proceed.

  1. WEATHER: Check the weather! Well in advance! Dress accordingly.

  1. Stadium: Know the stadium (Stadium can get hot or cold after halftime!) Layers are always good. You can wrap a sweatshirt around the waste and use it as a seat cushion! * if you’re going to an indoor stadium even better. Less complicated.

  1. Get on It: Start looking for your outfit sooner than later. It takes time and effort to keep it sexy!! Get on your Outfit, better known as “Fits” these days. If you don’t have a full closet of apparel yet, give yourself at least a week in advance. You don’t want to try this same day, trust me!

  1. Colors: whatever colors you choose stick with that color throughout the outfit! Better known as “Fits” these days. There are different types of reds, blues, greens! Be consistent with the color you choose. Mixing marroon-ish red with a brick red is a party foul, if you ask me! Stick with that main color throughout.

  1. Hat: Be daring, have fun. If you choose to wear a hat, make sure you like it. It can fit loose or tight, it can be to the side. Whatever you’re feeling that day.

  1. Jewelry: Wear whatever extenuates your colors. Gold or silver. They have cool chains for every team. You can buy online Easy. This always brings home that final representation! The bling.

  1. Sneaks: Where your best sneaks but be aware they could end up with a little beer or nacho sauce on them. Who cares! It’s all worth it! Dress to impress, game day is a BIG day!

For those who show up in a solid colored dull shirt with no affiliation or loyalty, that’s cool I guess but I find that to be completely weird and odd. There I said it!

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