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“Football Is Sexy” where women talk and teach football. We recognize and champion women’s fandom, passion and knowledge, giving them a platform to feel seen and heard in the sport. Our mission is to unite all people, all teams around the globe through inclusivity, by way of our groundbreaking, first to ever teach American football mobile app, apparel, social media and all women podcast. 

our mission

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As a little girl, my dad would dress me in matching jerseys and take me to Candlestick Park to cheer on the 49ers. It is there I learned to clap and yell “Touchdown!” Never realized the memories in the stands and those experiences watching it on TV would become my most heartfelt, cherished lasting memories.


Our father-daughter bond was strengthened over field goals, interceptions, and fumbles. Football became part of the family on Sundays, Monday nights, and Holidays. Every year we’d look forward to the playoff games that paved the way, “To the Super Bowl,” one of the most watched events around the world.


When my Poppa Joe was diagnosed with cancer it was the game of football that lifted his spirits and always brought a smile to his face before he passed away in 2014. My mission is to carry on this meaningful tradition to those not lucky enough to learn as a child. This amazing game and culture have brought many together. It’s never too late to join the millions of other fans and create lasting memories.


If you secretly want to learn what the fuss is all about or have tried to ask questions during an intense game only to be shushed or shut down, we’ve got you! On Super Bowl Sunday, if you are the one that looks forward to the food vs. the game, I got you! The feeling of being an “outsider” ends now!


With the Football Is Sexy App you will have fun; amaze your friends and family with your knowledge of the game. Your life will be enhanced both personally and professionally, by midseason you will be in the “know” adding to the conversation and enjoying the excitement that football brings. You will be READY for the Super Bowl!


“It’s about the tradition and all the good memories.” ~ Joe Madrid #16

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