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football is sexy parties

We love to party!! All are welcome. Men women, avid fans, “in training” fans, and all teams. So come represent and join the FIS movement! DJ, giveaways, and maybe some coffee and mayo! 

game of the

Come watch the game with the FIS Squad! It can be an NFL or a College game. Stay tuned and Get on our email list so you don’t miss out! 

Football is sexy  bootcamp

 We will be holding camps if you want to learn more or help others learn the game. All are welcome! A great way to introduce the game to your family, friends or your person! Come eat, drink and let’s talk football! 

tailgating parties

 The FIS squad will be going to games to hang out and meet other FIS friends. Make sure you sign up so you can join us at the games! Let’s. Go!

No upcoming events at the moment

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"Remember, Football Is Sexy"

-Johnny Buss (The Lakers Family)

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