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As a little girl, my dad would dress me in matching jerseys and take me to Candlestick Park to cheer on the 49ers. It is there I learned to clap and yell “Touchdown!” Never realized the memories in the stands and those experiences watching it on TV would become my most heartfelt, cherished lasting memories.


Our father-daughter bond was strengthened over field goals, interceptions, and fumbles. Football became part of the family on Sundays, Monday nights, and Holidays. Every year we’d look forward to the playoff games that paved the way, “To the Super Bowl,” one of the most watched events around the world.


When my Poppa Joe was diagnosed with cancer it was the game of football that lifted his spirits and always brought a smile to his face before he passed away in 2014. My mission is to carry on this meaningful tradition to those not lucky enough to learn as a child. This amazing game and culture have brought many together. It’s never too late to join the millions of other fans and create lasting memories.


If you secretly want to learn what the fuss is all about or have tried to ask questions during an intense game only to be shushed or shut down, we’ve got you! On Super Bowl Sunday, if you are the one that looks forward to the food vs. the game, I got you! The feeling of being an “outsider” ends now!


With the Football Is Sexy App you will have fun; amaze your friends and family with your knowledge of the game. Your life will be enhanced both personally and professionally, by midseason you will be in the “know” adding to the conversation and enjoying the excitement that football brings. You will be READY for the Super Bowl!


“It’s about the tradition and all the good memories.” ~ Joe Madrid #16

Penny Toler (Championship).jpg


Executive General Manager of the Legendary Ice House.

Former executive Vice President and General Manager of the Three time WNBA Champions Los Angeles Sparks. She is the longest-tenured and winningest general manager in WNBA history. Toler guided the Sparks to three WNBA titles and 18 playoff appearances in her 20 years of tenure.


Toler became the fastest male or female in modern sports history to move from player to GM and win the championship. In 1997, Toler scored the first basket in WNBA history, and in 2006 she became the first female athlete to have her jersey retired at STAPLES Center when the Sparks retired her #11 uniform in recognition of her playing and management career.


Beyond the WNBA, Toler combined her sense of community and business savvy to start the "Points from Penny". The platform was nominated for several awards, including the American Express Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.


Bonnie-Jill Laflin
President of sports Operations

Bonnie-Jill Laflin is a trailblazing sports broadcaster, TV personality, author and philanthropist. She is the first and only female NBA scout, holding the front office executive position with the Los Angeles Lakers, Bonnie-Jill holds many “firsts” throughout her prolific career. She’s the first woman to dance at a professional level for three teams, in two sports, starting with the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, and moving to the NFL for both the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. She is the first female to be awarded six championship rings in two professional sports, earning a Super Bowl ring during her time cheering for the 49ers, and five NBA championship rings as an executive for the Lakers. This year, Bonnie-Jill adds a new “first” to her repertoire as co-host of the brand-new “Women’s Western Sports Roundup” on the Cowgirl Channel. Most recently, she is the author of In a League of Her Own: Celebrating Female Firsts in Sports, released in February 2024.

Beyond her accomplishments in sports, Bonnie-Jill ventured into the world of broadcasting, bringing her knowledge and enthusiasm to the airwaves, reporting for various high-profile networks, including ESPN, NBA TV, NBC/NBC Sports, NFL Films, Westwood One, CBS, E!, BBC Sports, SiriusXM, NFR Live, and Fox Sports. Most notably a host and ambassador for Michael Jordan's "Jordan Brand". Her charismatic personality and deep understanding of the game have made her a sought-after commentator and analyst, enriching the sports-watching experience for countless fans.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Bonnie-Jill is a committed philanthropist and founder of Hounds and Heroes and Horses, a non-profit that pairs rescue dogs as service and therapy dogs with wounded warriors and veterans, as well as rescue horses as equine therapy for our service members and sponsoring retreats. Working to improve the lives of veterans, she has traveled to military bases across the country and abroad on 19 USO tours, including visits to bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bonnie-Jill resides on her Battle Buddy Ranch 

in Ft Worth, TX with her rescued animals.


creative Director

Jenn Alas is a highly accomplished Creative Director with a proven track record of success in the business world. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated exceptional skills in turning around businesses and driving them to profitability. With a keen eye for innovation and strategic thinking, Jenn has successfully flipped 13 businesses, achieving a remarkable 30% profit increase within the first 3 months of her involvement.

Jenn’s expertise spans across various industries, including fashion retail stores, gyms, and personal branding ventures. Her standout achievement was at Forever 21, where she excelled as the top-performing store manager. She was entrusted with the challenge of launching the groundbreaking F21 Red concept store, which quickly gained widespread recognition. The success of F21 Red garnered attention from prestigious financial institutions like Wall Street and Merrill Lynch, further solidifying Jenn’s reputation as a visionary leader.

Transitioning to a role as District Manager at Fashion Nova, Jenn continued her streak of transformative impact by driving three stores to a remarkable 30% growth within just two months. Her strategic acumen and hands-on approach were instrumental in reshaping the retail landscape and setting new standards for operational excellence.

In her current capacity as a Creative Director, Jenn collaborates with multiple companies to elevate their brand presence through innovative marketing strategies, film directing projects, and compelling storytelling techniques. Her ability to craft engaging narratives and visually captivating content has garnered significant attention, leading to over 50 million views generated through her content creation in just 2024.

Jenn Alas stands out as a dynamic force in the business world, consistently delivering exceptional results and pushing boundaries to drive growth and success for the brands she partners with.

Allison Rose Sattin Chief Marketing Officer

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Allison is a true sports enthusiast. Raised in a family that instilled a love for sports, she grew up collecting football and basketball cards, donning jerseys, and immersing herself in the world of sports. 


Her passion for sports extends to her personal life, where she can often be found planning trips to catch an Eagles game or hosting football Sunday’s.


With over 15 years of experience in the marketing industry and a lifelong love for sports, Allison is poised to help take "Football Is Sexy" to new heights. Her dedication to growing and scaling businesses, combined with her entrepreneurial mindset, and her ability to monetize businesses online; make her a force to be reckoned with.

Allison Rose Sattin, the Founder and CEO of 1-Stop Media, is a trailblazer in the world of social media marketing. With her thriving marketing agency, popular blog and innovative strategies, she is making waves in the marketing industry. Her expertise and passion for helping businesses thrive in the online space have earned her a reputation as a leader in the field.


Allison's dedication to staying ahead of the curve and delivering exceptional results sets her apart from the competition. With her guidance, businesses can navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media and achieve remarkable success.



With a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University and years of experience as a college professor and Social Media Consultant, Allison brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. She has successfully launched nine businesses from the ground up and has worked with thousands of businesses, earning a reputation as a business and marketing mastermind. Her impressive track record includes partnerships with organizations such as Hoopfest, the world's largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament, showcasing her ability to work with high profile brands.

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